Two Questions for the OMR crew

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Two Questions for the OMR crew

Post by Kent » Sat Jul 18, 2015 6:39 pm

Question One:

How are the year end Championship points accumulated and awarded for each class title?

I tried searching and did not come across any info.
With the above, is there an easy way to keep a spread sheet of class points?

Question Two:

What is the financial investment to enable OMR to go with LIVE Timing and Scoring?

Is it too much of an investment for our club? Is it a system that can be duplicated from another area for our use?

Thanks for the answers in advance! :D


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Re: Two Questions for the OMR crew

Post by SilverYota » Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:46 pm

To start with you get to "drop" your 2 worst events, meaning even if you miss 2 events then you still have the opportunity to score maximum points.
Points are as follows: 1st-15, 2nd-12, 3rd-10, 4th-8, 5th-6, 6th-5, 7th-4, 8th-3, 9th-2, 10th-1. This is for both class championships and AOTY.

Of course it is possible to have live timing and scoring, but just like everything else dealing with cars "speed costs, how fast do you want to go". :lol: We have discussed it in the past, and I just checked pricing on the web coming up with ~$500 total to update to the newest software version so we can buy the module to do the live T/S.

We do have an extra monitor which we have used a couple of times, and we should do a better job of remembering to set up so we can run the "Announcer" screen on it during the event. Here is a brief example of that screen which would be turned to anyone walking up to the trailer could see, at an event it would show the last 10 finishes I believe. This would be better then just relying on the PA system, and available to all, not just those with smartphones.

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Re: Two Questions for the OMR crew

Post by flogger » Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:58 pm

The autocrosser of the year (and top ten or twelve in PAX this year - it's unofficial as of yet, but we're hoping to maybe put out a calendar for next year based on this year's results - woohoo!) is determined via the scale Matt described, but it's actually based on the best 6 results of each individual OMR region member. This year, since we've added one more event than what we've had in recent years, 3 scores can be discarded rather than just 2. The same rules structure applies for determining class champions.

WRT live scoring, yeah, that'd be nice. In fact, it's something we've discussed in board meetings and we are working in the direction of, but like Matt said, there are some prerequisites for us to meet to be able to power the engine for it. In taking over as Solo Director this year, a big part of my emphasis as far as T&S equipment has been trying to address the simple things that have caused the most breakdowns and delays in the past. I've wanted to create a solid foundation before we tack on bells and whistles. So far, so good. For very little money we have greatly improved the reliability of the equipment this year. We've even improved reception at the trailer and in so doing have created additional course design options because the start and finish no longer have to be quite as close to the trailer ( although personally, I still get a little nervous about pushing the limits on this ). The extra monitor in the trailer to display recent results to walkups is a very good intermediate plan. It doesn't require the updating and supporting stuff that providing a live feed would require, and it's also inclusive as it's info would even be available to people who don't have smartphones. (Do they exist anymore?) While I would love a live feed and would definitely use it while in grid, we're not ready for it just yet. We're getting closer, though. :-)

Now that I've typed all this out I just looked again at what Matt wrote. I didn't realize I was being so redundant, so, yeah, what he said. :-)
Scott Woosley

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