2017 Street Category class updates

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2017 Street Category class updates

Post by JimR » Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:17 pm

Solo Street Category 2017
Street is the lowest preparation level Solo category and one of the most popular. For 2017, a number of favorite cars have been shuffled into new classes, along with first classing of some brand new cars. Members make suggestions to the Street advisory committee volunteers throughout the year to affect these changes. New models hit the market all the time, so a little churn is normal.

For example, D-Street grows this year to include the E36 M3, '13-16 BRZ, '13-16 non-TRD FR-S, and several late-model sport sedans and non-V8 pony cars. The speed of the new MX-5 in C-Street and newest V8 pony cars in F-Street filled a much bigger D-Street sandbox with the performance refugees.

Cars and Rules
SCCA Solo Rules page
See Appendix A for the full car classing list

Street Category Cheat Sheat
https://www.scca.com/downloads/19202-20 ... r/download

Selected Class Changes and New Cars - Street
I picked out a few popular cars from the above link to give everyone a flavor of the 2017 class updates. This is not a comprehensive list, but hits most of the high points.

RSX Type S - HS

128i (‘08-13) - DS
228i F22 chassis (‘14-16) - DS
3 Series E46 chassis; excluding M (‘99-08) - DS
3 Series E90/E91/E92/E93 chassis; non-turbo, excl. M (‘05-13) - DS
328i F30/F31/F34 chassis (‘12-16 - DS
M2 F87 chassis (‘16-17) - BS
M3 E36 chassis (‘95-99) - DS

ATS 3.6L V6 (‘13-17) - FS
ATS 2.0L Turbo (‘13-17) - DS
ATS-V (‘16-17) - BS
CTS excluding V & Vsport (‘03-17) - DS

Camaro V6 (‘10-15) - DS
Camaro V6 1LE (‘17) - BS
Camaro SS 1LE V8 (‘17) - AS
Camaro LT 2.0L Turbo (‘16-17) - DS
Camaro LT V6 (‘16-17) - FS
Corvette Grand Sport (‘17) - SS
Corvette Stingray C7 chassis (‘14-16) - AS

Challenger V6 (‘11-17) - DS
Challenger V6 (‘08-10) - GS
Challenger V8 2008-17 - FS
Challenger 1978-83 - HS
Charger V6 (‘11-17) - DS

124 Spider including Abarth (‘17) - CS
500 Abarth (‘12-17) - HS

Focus RS (‘16-17) - BS
Mustang EcoBoost 2.3T (‘15-17) - DS
Mustang V6 (‘11-17) - DS

Civic EX, LX, Sport, and Touring (‘16-17) - HS

Genesis Coupe 4-cyl Turbo (‘13-16) - DS
Genesis Coupe V6 (‘10-12) - DS
Veloster Turbo excluding Rally Edition (‘12-17) - HS

G35 Coupe (‘03-07) - DS
G35 Sedan (‘03-09) - DS

IS 250 (‘06-15) - DS
IS 300 (‘01-05) - DS
IS 350 (‘06-16) - DS

Boxster 986 chassis (‘97-04) - CS
Boxster 987 chassis; excluding S & Spyder (‘09-12) - BS
Boxster S 987 chassis (‘05-08) - BS
Boxster S 987 chassis (‘09-12) - AS
Cayman 987 chassis; excluding R & S (‘09-12) - BS
Cayman S 987 chassis (‘06-08) - BS
Cayman S 987 chassis (‘09-12) - AS

FR-S with TRD suspension, including Release Series 1.0 - CS
FR-S without TRD Suspension components (‘13-16) - DS

BRZ (‘13-16) - DS
BRZ (‘17) - CS

86 - CS

Some cars are not specifically named in the Street category classing at the back of the rulebook (Appendix A). There may be a "Catch-all" in some classes with some general description like "V8 sedans, pick-ups, and sedan-derived convertibles" not otherwise classified. Catch-alls are not meant to insult stock Chevy Laguna and Renault Fuego owners, it's just that that some older, less common cars get consolidated over time for brevity's sake.

Too Hot for Street
There are some specific models/trims that are too rare to be widely available to all competitors or too fast to fit in a Street category. They are absolutely allowed to participate in Solo, but they go to their Street Prepared category by default. Some examples from Appendix A: BMW M3 Lightweight, Callaway Corvette, Lamborghinis, Nissan GT-R NISMO & Track Edition (‘12-17). In same cases, the base model may have a Street class (E36 M3 or Nissan GT-R), but the special trim (M3 Lightweight edition or NISMO GT-R) ran afoul of minimum production availability or was too stinkin' fast for the existing Street hierarchy.

Ineligible Vehicles in Street
To paraphrase to rules, we can't allow cars that are taller than they are wide, including a lot of trucks, SUVs, and vans. This is a handling sport, and abrupt maneuvers are not safe for high-profile vehicles. In stock form, that includes a few common cars and crossovers:

Dodge Caliber (non-SRT)
Fiat 500 (non-Abarth) (‘12-17)
Ford Fiesta (non-ST) (‘11-17)
Geo Tracker
Jeep CJ series
MINI Countryman
Nissan Juke
Suzuki Samurai
Suzuki Sidekick
Scion iQ
Scion xB (‘04-06)

While not eligible for Street category, many of these taller cars can compete in higher-prep categories with modifications that improve the height-to-track-width ratio, such has lowering springs. If you have any questions, please ask.
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