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All About a Midwest Division Solo

Post by JimR » Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:40 pm

If you've never been to a divisional, should you go? Absolutely.

SCCA Midwest Division
Extended Family
Ozark Mountain Region SCCA is just one of 15 chapters within the SCCA's Midwest Division (MiDiv) that spans Nebraska to Mississippi. We all get together on occasion to compete in division-wide competitions in autocross, road racing, RallyCross, and more. Driving in these events guarantees your circle of racing buddies grows far and wide.

Different Levels of Autocrossing
The monthly autocrosses held by OMR are called Regional Solo events, and are primarily attended by local drivers. Divisional-level Solo also attract competitors from neighboring regions all over the Midwest. They are a mid-level autocross, one step above our local events, and one notch below National-level autocrosses that draw entrants from all over the country.

A new experience
The MiDiv Solo Series is a fun mix of local atmosphere, bigger turnouts, and greater competition. You will get to meet and compete against fellow autocrossers from regions all over the map, and see a variety of different performance cars. It's a taste of high-level Solo mixed with local flavor, great for autocrossers veteran or novice.

Event Basics
When and Where
See the MiDiv Solo Series schedule here.

This is two full days of autocross. Each day is scored separately for series points in case you can't make either Saturday or Sunday, so don't be dissuaded from attending if family or work prevents it. However, to "win" the weekend, your best time from each day will be combined. If you competition is close, it's possible to win or lose based on your performance on Sunday!

As the host region, local attendance at the Crowder Neosho event is important to making it a success. If you are a member of our region, the combined two-day result will count as a single event towards the OMR points championship.

Pre-registration is required, and no walk-ups will be allowed. Payment can be in person, but registration must happen in advance. Due to the anticipated size, we need to know the entry list in advance to establish grid/heat/work assignments, catering/meal head counts, etc.

Past Kansas City Divisional

What's Different?
More space, more eats
Crowder College Trucking School is nice enough to give us the run of the place. Paddock where you park and unload your car will be in the small asphalt lot across the street from the usual competition area. The "big" lot will be all for course. We will also have registration and tech inspection in the nearby classroom building. Snacks on Friday and dinner on Saturday will be provided with your entry fee.

Heats and Worker Assignents
All cars in the same class will run in the same heat right next to each other for fairness, and that heat will be assigned to you. This lets you run in the same conditions as your competitors, and be gridded next to one another. Car counts and worker stations will be balanced based on entries at the close of registration.

Friday Registration
Sometimes tech and registration happens on Friday. You will be required to run a handful of contingency stickers, and tech will provide them and verify that they are on the car. If you can't make Friday tech, make an appointment with the event chair.

Earlier Start Times
The events starts earlier than you may be used to seeing. The first car might be off at roughly 9:30 AM on Saturday and 8:30 AM on Sunday. Turnouts tend to be larger, so we want to finish on time. Also, many entrants have long drives home, so we want to end with time to spare on Sunday.

Numbers and Classes
We will not be using the OMR number used during this season's regional events. Numbers will be chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis based on pre-registration. If you have a co-driver, the second driver must be marked with a number 1 in front (i.e. 95 and 195). Cars must be legibly marked with numbers and class letters per the SCCA rules. The same number may be used in different classes.

If you have not purchased magnetic numbers (or static, for composite-bodied cars), this is a good time to purchase a set. Also, we will have loaner helmets available, but again, now is a great time to think about buying your own. Helmets must be Snell rated, so check the rulebook for details. Solo Performance Specialties is a title sponsor of the Midwest Division Solo series, and they are experts on helmets, numbers, and other motorsports gear. Send your business their way, and they'll take care of you.

No Passengers
In the SCCA rules, Divisional-level and National-level events do not allow passengers for safety and competitive reasons. We won't turn away your friends and family if they would like to watch, but they will not be able to ride. Grid will be very busy, and we will ask that anyone not supporting the competition remain in a viewing area for safety. Passengers are welcome and encouraged at our regional events, though.

All-weather Competition
We will run the event in all weather. The event will not be postponed for rain unless lightning or other severe conditions threaten, or the rain is too heavy to run the timing beams. The most likely case is that the weather will be warm, and that you will be in the vicinity of pavement most of the day. Prepare yourself with sunscreen, hats, comfortable clothing, and plenty of hydration.

Grid and Impound
Grid spots will be assigned, and the entry list will note where you will be parked. Grid and competition runs will happen much like any other event. Two-driver cars will have a separate row, and be sent to the start line at no less than five-minute intervals for fairness. A minor difference is that at the end of each day's runs, you will remain in grid for a short period called "impound" with your hood and trunk open. Competitors will be given the chance to view each other's cars and the heat's tentative results before being released to paddock by the Grid Chief.

Bottom Line?
There are a few differences, but don't sweat the details. Many events will have a novice course walk and divisional first-timer orientation session on Saturday. OMR's Divisional will be a lot of fun, and you won't want to miss it.

Have a question? Feel free to ask.

Past St. Louis Divisional
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Post by Ironhead » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:41 pm

LOL at Opie showing off.

Those hooligans in those black ESP cars.....

I know it says "soon" but do you have any idea of when the online registration will open? Also... erm... where?
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Post by Rogue_Wulff » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:17 pm

Cost info would also be nice.......

Any info about camping?

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Post by JimR » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:17 pm

Midwest Division has an arrangement with MyAutoEvents for online registration. Matt Longpine is our registrar, and he hopes to have it up tonight or tomorrow. None of us have used MAE before, and Salina Region has been helpful in that regard.

Matt's wife, Natasha, took the picture of Opie testing lock at the first Crowder event.

We like them so much that more of her pictures may be lifted in the future. ;)

The officially official postings about the event and online registration will be up shortly.

We really want to get a lot of our local autocrossers to a divisional event, and we can help answer any questions on how these events are run in this thread.
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Post by JimR » Thu Jun 11, 2009 3:20 pm

Rogue_Wulff wrote:Cost info would also be nice.......

Any info about camping?
I will get with site manager Jared Starks on overnighting.

All the event-specific details will be up in a separate thread soon.

This is just a general divisional FAQ. 8)
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Post by JimR » Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:35 pm

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Post by Bullitt2954 » Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:39 am

So far as camping goes - Jeanie and I live about 15-20 min. South of Neosho - in Jane, MO (and right on US 71). We could accommodate a few campers, no problem.

Just checked, googlemaps sez 25.6mi/32min from my house to the site. Doubt it'll take THAT long: ... 5539bddacc

There's room even for a truck/trailer or two, on asphalt.

Even have a spare bedroom - first come, first served.

All Gratis, of course.

PM or email me - the(dot)airhawk(at)gmail(dot)com or 479|640|5108 cel/vmail.

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Post by JimR » Tue Jun 30, 2009 10:19 am

Some reminders:

Crowder College and the SCCA both require a site wavier. The Crowder wavier is available on our event details page. Everyone on site will be required to sign both.

Divisional work assignments and heats will be pre-assigned to maintain balance and efficiency, and your favorite assignment or heat is not guaranteed. However, same classes will run in the same heat, and run order will hopefully be posted in advance. We can make special accomodations for health and physical issues, but please let the registrar know in advance so that we can make a suitable work assignment.

Spectator safety
If you have visitors, family, or children planning on attending, they must sign the waviers and remain in areas designated safe for spectating. It's a large location, and we cannot risk safety issues. We will have a very active grid with cars in regular transit. No smoking, children (other than junior kart entrants), or non-competitors will be allowed in grid, and this will be enforced.

No passengers
Also, no passengers are allowed at divisional-level events or higher. No exceptions. This is spelled out in the Solo rulebook, and is a part of our sanction. This is safety, liability, and competitive issue. Passengers are allowed at OMRSCCA regional events, so interested riders should check out our calendar for events at both Ducks and Crowder in the months following the Neosho divisional.

The Neosho divisional will have OMR's normal assortment of loaner helmets on hand. Not all divisional events may guarantee this, so ask in advance. Solo Performance has their store on site for divisional events, and has many common autocross items (helmets, fluids, etc.). They support our sport, so take advantage of this.
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