2017 Solo Class Champs

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2017 Solo Class Champs

Post by flogger » Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:08 am

Now that the banquet is over and I'm no longer posting any spoilers for the people who haven't already done the math themselves, here's the list of 2017 OMR class champs:

AS Peter Jasan
BS Kent Willer
CS Jeffrey Moore
DS Bud Weeks
ES Matt Longpine (note 76 points - second place Dylan Douglas had 75 points)
FS Don Wilson
ASP Aaron Simms
ESP Mark Foley
FSP Scott Woosley
EM Christian Blake
CP Steve Scribner
DP Sam Henry
FP Brandon Gray
CAMC Doug Stofer
CAMT Opie Viets
SSR Gregg McNabb
SMF Marshall Hodges
SSML Maggie Hensley
SSM Matt Markum
STP Charlie Holt
STR Jay Hodges
STRL Cindy Hodges
STS Jonathon Guyll
STU Nathan Wozniak
XP Lester Henry

On a side note, the following people had perfect scores of 90 points (which indicates they are dominant drivers, or compete regularly in an obscure class, or both :-) ).

Kent Willer
Mark Foley
Scott Woosley
Sam Henry
Gregg McNabb
Scott Woosley

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