3 sets 15" race tires. Various sizes

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3 sets 15" race tires. Various sizes

Post by springfielddyno » Mon Aug 28, 2017 6:13 am

$100. 8.7-15-21.5 Avon bias slick. The good. Only one auto cross test and tune and three laps at St. Louis so lots of rubber left. The bad. Several years old now so the fast is gone. I used them at last years test and tune. Perfect for a track day?

$400. 10.7-15-21.5 Avon. Lots of life and speed left. I'm switching to a different size and these got took off early. 1500 new. These can easily still set ftd

$150. 8 session Hoosier 245-580-15 s75 radial. Life left. 2017 tires. Still quick

All prices are for a set. Text 4/7 88o o9Isixx or go to my web for contact info.

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