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SOLO Event #7 :: 9/14/2014
Sunday, Sep 14th, 2014 
Crowder Truck Driving School Neosho, Missouri [Map]

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Car Numbers and Classes 
Car Numbers are exclusive for this season, meaning only one person is allowed to run a number during the entire year no matter what class you are in (e.g. Car number 76 Matt L in STC, you would not be able to use 76 even if you ran a different class). During pre-registration if a # is not shown when it is time to pick your car # then it is already in use this year. 

There are gas stations, WalMart, and fast food on Highway 59 about a mile North of the intersection of MO-D. There is no air available at the site, so prepare accordingly. We anticipate making lunch available on-site. 

Directions from Springfield 
Take I-44 to US 71 South, and exit at Highway 60 Neosho/Seneca. Go East to the light at US 59/71B (WalMart will be on your right). Turn right to go South on 59, and follow the signs for Crowder College and Highway MO-D. Turn left onto MO-D, and it will take you straight to Crowder College. Once you reach the stop sign at the entrance of Crowder, turn right onto Doniphan and head towards the windmill. Turn left just past the windmill, and follow the SCCA signs and cones to the site. 


Coming from somewhere else? Plug it into Google Maps: 
[Google Maps - Crowder College] 

Run / Work 
If we have over 80 entrants, we will go to a three-heat format based on a first-come, first-served basis

Work heat 1 / Drive heat 3 
Work heat 2 / Drive heat 1 
Work heat 3 / Drive heat 2

Work assignments will be balanced to ensure even work coverage for all stations in all heats. If you show up at the last minute, your choice may be full. If you show up late, you will not be able to participate at all! 

Coming from somewhere else? Plug it into Google Maps: 
[Google Maps - Crowder College] 

Site Map - click to view 

See you there!