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2017 OMR SCCA SOLO  Event #4

6/11/2017 At Crowder College

Scheduled course designer: Bud Weeks


Note: New pricing this year

Full, annual SCCA Members =$30 minus $10 discount for preregistering, so $20 if preregistered

Non-annual members = $50 ($30 for the event, plus a mandatory $20 weekend membership fee), but again, there's a $10 discount if you preregister, so by preregistering it'll be $40.

Pro Tip = Preregister!

Crowder Truck Driving School
Neosho, Missouri [Map]

Preregister Online!

[Click for online preregistration powered by MotorsportReg]

Additional MotorsportReg instructions and details here.


Event Information

OMR event details, maps, and costs
Novice Guide
About Tech Inspections

Car Numbers and Classes
We allow duplicate numbers as long as they are in different classes. If any given number in a class has already been used in an event this year, then that number/class combination is reserved for the remainder of the year, and will not be available to any other driver.  Please note, we are counting on Course workers to follow standard radio protocol and properly identify car# AND CLASS when calling in to T&S. Thanks

There are gas stations, WalMart, and fast food on Highway 59 about a mile North of the intersection of MO-D. There is no air available at the site, so prepare accordingly.

Directions from Springfield
Take I-44 to US 71 South, and exit at Highway 60 Neosho/Seneca. Go East to the light at US 59/71B (WalMart will be on your right). Turn right to go South on 59, and follow the signs for Crowder College and Highway MO-D. Turn left onto MO-D, and it will take you straight to Crowder College. Once you reach the stop sign at the entrance of Crowder, turn right onto Doniphan and head towards the windmill. Turn left onto National Guard Drive just past the windmill, and follow the SCCA signs and cones to the site.


Coming from somewhere else? Plug it into Google Maps:
[Google Maps - Crowder College]

Site Map - click to view

Run / Work
Typically, half of the classes run in one heat, while other other half help work the event. Then we switch after lunch. Work assignments will be balanced to ensure even work coverage for all stations in all heats. If you show up late to the event or late to your work assignment, you may not be allowed to participate.

If we have over 80 entrants, we will typically go to a three-heat format:

  • Work heat 1 / Drive heat 3
  • Work heat 2 / Drive heat 1
  • Work heat 3 / Drive heat 2

Crowder College has asked us to sign a waiver at every event in addition to the normal SCCA waiver. If you have access to a printer, please print and fill out a copy in advance so you don't have to stand around filling one out at the gate to the site. Better yet, print out a bunch right now and have them ready to go for the whole season!

Click here for Crowder waiver link


ALSO: Please fix your fluid leaks prior to the event, and be prepared to clean up after yourselves should you drip onto the pavement.  We want to continue to be good stewards of this excellent site, and expect our participants to behave appropriately. Thank you.

It is also very important to drive slowly and safely on the Crowder College campus. Hooning is not tolerated and will result in suspension.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions here on our Forum or via our Facebook page. See you there!